Return & Refund Policy


1. Prima Art products are sold on uniform MRP (Inclusive of GST) across India.
2. The margins for Trusted Retail Jewellers are uniform across India – 25% on Investments.
3. Buyback:
A. Apart from Customer specific orders, the Company offers Buyback on all sizes,
at 75% of actual Retail Sales Invoice value or MRP whichever is lower and
deduction of prevailing taxes as applicable.
B. The Carriage / Transport / Safe Packaging of the product shall be borne by TRJ.
C.The products would be taken back by the Company accompanied with a copy of :

  • Sales Invoice copy of Customer
  • Purchase Invoice of the TRJ
  • Certificate of Guarantee, signed and stamped by the TRJ

D.The products should not be modified / changed / altered / damage from its
original form, and the Company shall have the rights to accept or reject the same.
E. The Company reserves the right to change or amend the buyback policy as and
when required.
4. For any repairs / damages / breakages due to mishandling / accident or improper
handling, the repairing charges shall be borne by the Trusted Retail Jeweller.
5. For any additional Packaging / bags / boxes requested the charges as actual shall
be borne by the Trusted Retail Jeweller.