About Us 1

What is Prima Art?

Prima Art products are Gold articles of Gold Sheet Artwork – Laminated and Glued Containing 24k – 99.9% Pure Gold.

Art of Gold

Why only Prima Art?

Guarantee of Quality and Trust – Every Prima Art creation is a measure of the highest standards of authenticity and integrity.


  • 24K-99.9% Pure Gold
  • Assured Purity
  • Exquisite Designs
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Defect free Manufacturing Guarantee
  • 75% Buy Back Guarantee
  • Excellent after Sales Service
  • Made in Thailand


Our product's are certified by national as well as international well recognised lliberatory.We are proud to reached till that mark. You can check certificate's here.

Brand Credibility

Since we needing the market in this neeche.
Our product's are gifted by VVIP's to VVIP's.

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We have team of 500+ people's including on field and back office.
Every one of us is inspired to create great products and services

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